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Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Seat at the Beach

Last night it was looking like there would be quite a sunset. There were these huge, billowy cloud formations everywhere. Unfortuantely, as pretty as the clouds were, they were not high enough in the sky to take advantage of the low angle of the sun as it set below the horizon. Well, I stuck around and waited around to see if any opportunities would present themselves. While I was there I ran into a young fight student, in uniform, roaming around the beach with his camera. He was amazed but puzzled by the strange tracks in the sand, and asked if I had any idea what they were. Well, when asked a question I rarely don't have an answer, or at least an opinion or comment. I told him the tracks were either left by hermit crabs, or possibly some beach mice. We have our share of those little rodents. Well, back to my photo shoot. I waited a round and noticed the moon was at about half-mast and as I moved about the beach I spotted this empty chair. I'm not sure what it reminds me of. But, it sitting there, unoccupied, with the half-moon above, seemed like the best shot I was going to come away with. As it turned out it was. Better luck next time!